Be More Human, Your Real Edge

Will robots, technology, or artificial intelligence replace us? Probably not, but in order to remain relevant and continue to add value, we need to evolve, learn how to better engage with our customers, and be more human

In this video, Jan Bowen-Neilsen talks about how the expectations of customers are changing. Whether it be a ‘DIY attitude’ whereby they carry out the service themselves (booking holidays) or simply wanting a more personalised service. It begs the question ‘Can You Be More Human?

Jan is a Faculty member at ex2 Academy and speaks at events around the world, to audiences ranging from small groups of senior executives at masterclasses, to more than 500 delegates at conferences.

He presents with energy and deep practical know-how and experience to professionals and managers on how to have high quality conversations with clients for deeper trust and with team members for higher performance.

Find out more about Jan here:

Be More Human

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