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Executive Briefings

Live sessions on current topical matters. Curated specifically for Executives to stay current

Our executive briefings are aimed at the C-Suite and Executive branch. These are short sessions of two to three hours with an expert on a select subject. The aim is to be interactive and give meaningful discussion to the individuals at the highest level in the Member company.

There are two main features to the Executive Briefings that are important. Firstly, the subject and the expert address topical issues relevant to the senior leaders of organizations we work with. The aim is that executives attending are kept informed and aware of trends and challenges, as well as having the opportunity to ask questions and discuss what they have heard. Secondly, the sessions are short and do not take up valuable time un-necessarily. Depending on the questions and subject, the sessions will typically last up to 90 minutes.

Our Most Recent Briefings

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Published on Linkedin, 28 January 2021

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Published on Linkedin, 24 February 2021

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Published on Linkedin, 3 March 2021


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