Partnering with our Member organizations by making it easier to inform and develop their people effectively

The Academy is a global network of members, changing the learning and development space to make it more relevant to the emerging world of business.


Our members see us as a valuable partner to their business, whether it is in learning and development, organizational development, or strategic challenges they face.  We don’t design products to sell to our Members…we create services they need to improve their business

“Gone are the days of working strictly with vendors, we look to partner with organisations that want to help us succeed. ex2 Academy has proven to be a valuable partner for us. From listening and acting on our challenges to helping us source best practices to executing on a virtual strategy in challenging times, ex2 Academy has continued to show up when it matters.”

– Anna Petosa, VP People Pelmorex Corp

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We provide a unique range of services. No other organization offers the diversity of services, in a manner and to the quality, we provide.

We collectively discuss our members’ needs in terms of Learning & Development. We source expert world-class faculty and hold events, locally, that meet our members’ needs. We are the partner that helps to find effective solutions.


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At least once a year Members are invited to a planning meeting. In these meetings, we establish what the Member’ challenges are and discuss their needs. This enables us to ensure we provide seminars and events that meet the Member’s needs.

Having collated the feedback from our Members, we seek out World Class Educators to deliver seminars that can tackle the issues and provide practical solutions. This forms the schedule of seminars for the year in each Region.


Our live virtual sessions are held in time zones where we have members. Currently, we cover central Europe, Africa, and the eastern coast of North America. As well as high-quality educators, our sessions are interactive and provide practical personal development for those attending.


We also provide select sessions that are face-to-face with a world-class educator. We hold these in select cities to give Members access to these premium events. These sessions are also interactive and based on what Members have identified as their current challenges.


Our executive briefings are aimed at the C-Suite and Executive branch. These are short sessions of two to three hours with an expert on a select subject. The aim is to be interactive and give meaningful discussion to the individuals at the highest level in the Member company.


Forums are designed to develop leaders in a practical and positive manner. Typical groups are between 12 and 15 people of a similar level. Each forum has a dedicated Facilitator. It is a 12month commitment to meet once a month as a group for their learning and development.


We provide facilitation of workshops and projects as required by Members. Sprint workshops have become popular due to their focus on getting to a decision quickly and effectively. An external Facilitator provides an impartial and unbiased view that can keep the group focused and moving forward.

We can also provide a Facilitator for projects and activities where the external person can provide value and perspective in a meaningful way. We have experts in areas such as succession planning, future leader development or creating a customer-focused business

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A Sprint brings together people that influence the delivery and success of an issue or subject, and through a process of discussion an outcome is agreed upon and action plan developed. The Learning and Development (L&D) Sprint focuses on what the business needs to provide in terms of L&D to meet the businesses’ immediate and future needs.


Research shows that organizations that provide excellent customer service, have first defined what service they intend to deliver to their customer base. A Customer Service Sprint is designed to achieve exactly that starting point. By bringing people together from various parts of the organization that can influence the success of the service, everyone has input and agreement reached. This provides a common focus and leads to greater success. 


Recent events have shown that succession planning is no longer just a matter relating to the executive or C-Suite level of a business. The worldwide pandemic showed that succession planning is an issue that permeates every level of the business where key workers make a significant impact on the success of the business.

We provide an external Advisor that can help facilitate the discussion and point out the issues that may impact on decisions made.


This is an ideal approach to developing talent within the organization in a practical way that helps drive the business forward. Ideally led from the top, the selected group (or groups) are given a project to do by the CEO, or the Board, in a given time frame. Typically, the task is something that encourages out of the box thinking and is strategic in nature.

The team is chosen because they have shown potential and are future leaders of the organization. The project will take six to twelve months and be outside their current duties. The team will be required to do research, prepare a budget, plan the implementation, and finally, present their findings to the CEO and/or Board.


We seek to provide meaningful resources to our Members to help them be more effective in their business. The resources are designed to be practical and meaningful, as well as using technology and best practice we have seen around the globe.

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This is a highly effective resource that a Manager can use to work with their team in a practical way to support the team’s learning and development.

An excellent tool that enables the manager to have a meaningful discussion with the team, and agree an output.


The Leadership Lounge is an on-line resource that provides the user with a range of articles, videos, case studies, and ideas. It is designed for self-learning, as a place where a leader can go and read, listen, or watch.


The Customer Service Lounge has ideas, articles, and examples which are useful relating to the improvement of customer service. It provides examples of good practices and approaches used by other organizations. It is designed to stimulate discussion and thinking


We have resident experts on select subject matters that can be used as a resource by individuals. Book an hour with the expert and use it as an opportunity to ask questions, a sounding board, or assistance in implementing an approach.


One of the important benefits that Members often refer to, is the “network” they can tap into as a result of their Membership. This was very evident in the recent pandemic where people were reaching out for ideas as to how other companies were dealing with issues that arose.

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The Academy provides each Member with an Advisor who is there to understand their business and help the Member get the best out of their Membership. The Advisor can be used as a sounding board to discuss ideas and seek an external perspective. The Advisor works across a number of sectors and so is uniquely positioned to see best practice and trends, and can share these with the Member, as appropriate.


We bring our Members together in strategic locations at least once a year to listen to their challenges and share with them ideas and trends we are noticing. Our Members find this an extremely useful discussion and Members also get to hear about initiatives other Members have been working on. We use the feedback from these sessions to identify what seminars to be provide in the future.


There is a range of Member services we assist and support our Members with.

Your Trusted Advisor can help you source a range of professional services, whether it is Speakers, Educators, Coaches, Facilitators, or other professional people you may need in your business. Some Members have asked for help planning conferences or learning events, and in some cases, we have helped develop training videos or assisted with communicating messages across the organization.


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Paul Bridle

Paul is CEO and is a passionate believer in adding value to customers in every business he has run. He has worked with many senior leadership teams as an advisor and coach; he is known for being straight and acting with complete integrity. He has extensive experience in providing an external perspective for organizations in strategic planning, business development, and dealing with issues relating to getting the best from people.

Mark Jesty

Mark is COO and has worked with hundreds of organizations in furthering the effectiveness of their leadership and development capabilities, dealing with their people management strategies, and offering access to top-level educators and other resources. Ensuring that companies are on the most effective professional path has always been Mark’s main priority and it shows in the power of his network.

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Bernard Berkein

Bernard is our Director responsible for Europe and has been successful as a professional and competent Chair for multiple regions. He also brings solid experience, in different business areas, having worked in Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Textile, and Food, both B2B and B2C.

David Bridle

David is our Director in the United Kingdom and has been spearheading the transition from Live Physical events to Live Virtual events. He and his team have transformed our delivery by working with the Faculty and dealing with the technology to create a great user experience.

David has experience in Technology, Education, and Professional Services and has worked with Educators and Business Leaders to find better ways to deliver high-quality services.

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We wholeheartedly believe in talking to each other.

Whether you want a phone call, an email, or a video call. Get in touch and let’s talk about how ex2 Academy can help your organization.