Partnering with our Member organizations, making it easier to inform and develop their people effectively

The Academy is a global network of partners, changing the learning and development space to make it more relevant to the emerging world of business.

Executive Briefings

Live sessions on current topical matters. Curated specifically for Executives to stay current

Leader Led Learning

Designed to help managers embed their learning with their team. A short video details the learning point and a simple guide enables the manager to discuss how the learning can be applied to the team

Subject Expert Live Sessions

A full year of virtual events, developed from our partners Global Council meeting. Designed with your team leaders in mind. Interactive, practical, and informative.
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Facilitated Planning Sessions.

The Leadership Lounge

An online resource curated for you to ask questions, search for help, and find the latest thinking.


Taking your learning deeper with a blend of self-paced learning, and faculty contact sessions.
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Trusted Partners

Our members see us as a valuable partner to their business, whether it is in learning and development, organizational development, or strategic challenges they face. We don’t design products to sell to our Members…we create services they need to improve their business.
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Most of what we deliver for our Members, is aimed at their managers and leaders. So the Academy is ideal for organizations that have a management structure in place.

We take the time to get to know our Members and their challenges and issues, so we can provide what they need for their success. Our Members enjoy that relationship and opening up to the public would undermine that relationship.

Partner Membership gives unlimited access to all the sessions we run as well as Leader Led Learning etc. This cuts down on costs for the Member. Standard Members pay for these services at Member rates.

Membership is annual. It is possible to sign up for three years and lock in the price for that three year period. The payment is still done annually, but the commitment is three years.

Members say they like how innovative we are, as well as being adaptable and responsive to their needs. Through Membership they get to network with other organizations and be aware of some best practice as well. We are building a community and Members like that

We have Council Meetings where our HR Directors attend and we listen to their issues and the challenges they are facing. These meetings along with feedback we get from the Trusted Advisors who are in touch with the Members, helps us identify and what we need to be delivering, and then we set out to find experts in those fields that can deliver what is needed.

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