Steve Marriott Talks About ‘Behaviour & The Brain’

We interviewed Steve Marriott and spoke about his upcoming sessions with ex2 Academy, where he’ll present his material on ‘Behaviour & The Brain’, how the brain works, how it affects behaviour, and what attendees to his session can learn to improve their lives.

The full interview is almost an hour long and touches on subjects such as people’s behaviour during the COVID pandemic, how the brain drives the ‘fight or flight’ instinct, and more. The video below covers the upcoming events we are hosting with Steve. If you want to watch the full interview, then CLICK HERE

If you’re interested in taking part in one of Steve’s sessions, then head to our Events Page and choose the event that works for you.

personal resilience

Combining over twenty five years of Leadership, Learning & Development and consultancy experience with the very latest learnings from the NeuroLeadership Institute, Steve supports his clients’ talent management strategies with Behavioural & Cultural Consultancy, Leadership Development, Coaching & Presenting Expertise and Trainer Development.


By implementing the correct Learning & Development programme in your business, you can improve ability, morale, retention, and engagement. Ultimately, leading to greater success in achieving your business objectives.

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