ex2 Academy and What is the ex2 Community?

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ex2 Academy is a Membership based organization with the intention of creating a community of like-minded people in the area of learning and development for their leaders and managers.

We are not a training company, and we do not have training sessions to sell. We get to know our Members and what learning and development they need to achieve for their organization’s objectives. Membership then has two advantages:

The opportunity to network with other organizations and explore how they tackle their challenges. To share experiences, discuss best practice and learn from others’ mistakes.
We look for experts in their field that can develop or bring new thinking or fresh ideas that meet the Member’s needs. We research and pilot new approaches and methods in learning and development and provide the platform for them to be delivered for our Members.

We believe passionately in the ROI of learning and development and always seek to ensure that what we provide is practical and that people can use it in their organization. We look at current trends and offer executive briefings to the C suite that helps them be aware of current trends and thinking.

Our approach is as a Partner with our Members. Our Members tap into our resources and connections and use us as Trusted Advisors in the areas of learning and development.

The ex2 Community is an online platform that members use to access our various resources. These include:

The Leadership Lounge, the Customer Service Lounge, and the Wellness Lounge have articles, videos, case studies, and items that people can use to keep abreast of current thinking or help them with useful information.

HR Executive Lounge, Learning and Development Managers Lounge, Executive Lounge are exclusive lounges that only these people can access. It gives them an opportunity to network with their peers, discuss challenges, ask questions, or simply share thoughts and ideas.

Leader Led Learning – These are short video clips that a leader attending a session can use to take a learning point and share it with their team. This enables the learning to be discussed and implemented by the team. Using this ensures that learning is being applied back in the workplace effectively.

Masterclasses – These are a series of short sessions delivered by an expert on specific subjects relating to leadership and management. People can view them at their discretion based on their needs. We will be launching these later this year, and the aim will be to add new classes every quarter from different experts.

All of this and more is part of what the ex2 Community offers for our Partner Members and their people.

In addition to the above, we provide:

Online Seminars on subjects Members have requested and delivered by experts we have identified.

  • Online Executive Briefings to keep senior leaders in touch with what the future may hold
  • Each Member has a Trusted Advisor that they can turn to for advice or help in areas relating to learning and development. Our trusted advisors have extensive background and knowledge in HR and L&D.
  • We assist Members with in-house projects and sessions as required, based on their specific needs.
  • We undertake research and run forums and focus groups. The outcomes of these are put into a report for Members to access.
  • We interview authors of books and provide the audio interview for people to listen to and learn from.

We are constantly looking to add services that will add value to our Members.

Membership is aimed at progressive organizations that want to partner with us to help them deliver meaningful, dynamic and cutting edge learning and development for their business. Our Members know that more can be accomplished as a community than independently.

Membership is by invitation only, and if you would like to know more about us, please get in touch with us by using the forms below. 

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