We are a resource to help our Members identify and provide the learning and development needed, especially in terms of Leadership and Management. As an international organisation, we are aware of current thinking and methods of learning. We can provide access to world class educators and some of the greatest minds on issues of importance to your business. We are also seeking more effective ways to deliver learning and development to where it is needed.

ex2 Academy is part of Excellence Squared Group of companies, operating internationally. The philosophy of the whole group of companies is being customer focused, agile, and responsive to trends, working with the best people and always ensuring we add value.

In a changing and developing world, organisations are striving to be keep abreast of current thinking and innovative ways to operate. 

We are a member-based organisation using the power of our network to deliver world class learning solutions. We seek to understand our Member’s needs, identify cost effective resources and ensure they deliver value.

Our Regions

ex2 Academy operate on both sides of the Atlantic, making us truly global.

We pride ourselves on our ability to be flexible and adaptable to our members.

Trusted Advisors

Our Chairs, your Trusted Advisors, are experienced and professional facilitators.

With a wealth of knowledge, they work to build a relationship with you that provides you with the best experience and outcome for your business.

Our Offering

By leveraging the power of our Network, we can provide world-class learning solutions.

We believe that through collaboration and focussing on top quality provision, we can improve the effectiveness of learning and development.