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Amazing Business Sprints

A Sprint brings together people that influence the delivery and success of an issue or subject, and through a process of discussion an outcome is agreed upon and action plan developed.

We provide facilitation of workshops and projects as required by Members. Sprints have become popular due to their focus on getting to a decision quickly and effectively. An external Facilitator provides an impartial and unbiased view that can keep the group focused and moving forward. By bringing decisions makers together into specially designed Sprints, there can be more agility within the business.

We can also provide a Facilitator for projects and activities where the external person can provide value and perspective in a meaningful way. We have experts in areas such as succession planning, future leader development, or creating a customer-focused business.

Utilising Sprints within your organization can immensely improve decision making, agility, and alignment.

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Learning & Development Sprint

The Learning and Development (L&D) Sprints focus on what the business needs to provide in terms of Learning & Development to meet the businesses' immediate and future needs.

Customer Service Sprint

Organizations that provide excellent customer service, have first defined what service they intend to deliver to their customer base.

Customer Service Sprints are designed to achieve exactly that starting point. By bringing people together from various parts of the organization that can influence the success of the service, everyone has input and agreement reached. This provides a common focus and leads to greater success.

Succession Planning Review

Recent events have shown that succession planning is no longer just a matter relating to the executive or C-Suite level of a business. The worldwide pandemic showed that succession planning is an issue that permeates every level of the business where key workers make a significant impact on the success of the business.

We provide an external Advisor that can help facilitate the discussion and point out the issues that may impact on decisions made.
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