Navigating the Changing World of Work 1

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Navigating the Changing World of Work



The change we knew was coming in the next decade, suddenly arrived overnight with the COVID Pandemic. The shift requires that people are skilled and capable to work in a different and changing environment.

Learning and Development needs to get smarter, managers need better support, leaders need to be better informed, and companies need people that can learn on the go.

Join me for a discussion about how we have responded to these changes and what we are doing to ensure our Members are providing learning and development in a meaningful way that meets their objectives.


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Navigating the Changing World of Work 2

Paul Bridle

CEO, ex2 Academy

Paul has extensive experience in providing an external perspective for organisations in strategic planning, business development and dealing with issues relating to getting the best out of people.

Paul loves to hear from Members and understand the challenges they face. He is always innovative and seeking creative solutions to business needs.