Each organization has a seat on the advisory board, and designs the content to be provided for the year.

‘ex2 Academy is a membership only organization’

Other committed organizations take part in evaluating collective and individual needs and formulating how to effectively deliver in an efficient manner.

The power of this network ensures a consistently high level of quality in terms of learning and development opportunities.

The 3 levels of Offering

Core Offering: These are training and development needs that are common amongst the collective membership.

Specialized Offering: A group of Members collectively identify a subject or area for development that is specific to their business needs.

Tailored Offering: The Chair Person assists in providing a solution to a specific individual members needs.


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board, who define the core offerings for the year, consists of the members organizations, supported by their Trusted Advisor; The Local Chair.


Learning Events

Learning Events are scheduled for the year by the Advisory Board. The organizations employees are free to attend these sessions and make the most of the available resources to hand.


The Local Chair has access to a plethora of resources. These resources include Faculty, Experts, Facilitators, and Experienced Professionals.

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