In virtually all aspects of our lives, the power of the network is revolutionising how we operate. At ex2 Academy, we work with our community of businesses to identify resources that help them improve their performance.

ex2 Academy is part of Excellence Squared Group of companies, operating internationally. The philosophy of the whole group of companies is being customer focused, agile, and responsive to trends, working with the best people and always ensuring we add value.

In a changing and developing world, organisations are striving to be keep abreast of current thinking and innovative ways to operate. 

We are a member-based organisation using the power of our network to deliver world class learning solutions. We seek to understand our Member’s needs, identify cost effective resources and ensure they deliver value.

We are a member-based organization


We use the power of our member network to deliver world class learning solutions

We listen to our members on content, location, and experience

We bring the best and brightest minds on the planet

ex2 Academy is unique because of the range of professional services it provides under one business. No other organisation offers the diverse range of services in a manner, and to the quality, we provide.

Membership Based Company
Members get to network within the Learning and Development community. They get to leverage our international resources to meet their needs, and a local Trusted Advisor to work with.

Operating Collectively, Selectively and In-house
The services we offer are based on Member’s needs. We can provide services for all Members, or for a select group of Members, or even in-house services to support the Member’s specific needs.

Providing Innovative and Creative Solutions
At all times we seek to keep abreast with current trends, developments and we challenge the boundaries in search of better ways to deliver effective learning and development.



- aimed at Manager, Leaders, & Future Leaders

At least once a year Members are invited to a planning meeting. In these meetings we establish what the Member’s challenges are and discuss their needs. This enables us to ensure we provide seminars and events that meet the Member’s needs.

Having collated the feedback from our Members, we seek out World Class Educators to deliver seminars that can tackle the issues and provide practical solutions. This forms the schedule of seminars for the year in each Region.

World Class Educators

Experts in their Field

Half day and Full Day

Live streaming for selected events

Follow up Webinars

Subject Experts

Half day events

Live streaming for selected events


- for Executives, Senior Managers, & Leaders

Executive Briefings:
Periodic briefings are provided around specific topics which are topical or provide specific value to Members.

The aim of the Executive Briefing is to provide a Subject Expert on specific subjects that are relevant to Executives. A session will typically start with a presentation and then open up for Executives to ask questions relevant to their circumstances. The briefings are designed to be informative and enable the Executive to contribute a considered opinion on subjects.

Subjects may include Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, etc. and are aimed at the Chief Executive Officer, Senior Executives and Managers in the Member organisation.

Business Briefings:
As compared to a workshop, training session or similar event, the briefings are short interactive sessions with an Expert or a panel of Experts on a specific topic.

Subjects may include new regulations, best practice examples, topical issues, etc. and aimed at Heads of Departments, Managers and Leaders in the Member organisation


- designed for Managers, Leaders, & Top Talent

Forums are designed to develop leaders in a practical and positive manner. Typical Groups are between 12 and 15 people of similar level and each forum has a Facilitator. It is a 12 month commitment to meet once a month as a group for their learning and development.

Monthly private peer groups with 12-15 other business leaders and an experienced Facilitator

The group of peers provides access to different perspectives, as well as being an impartial sounding board

The Facilitator ensures the group takes a positive approach to learning, and is a place to be held to account

The Group’s needs are identified and expert subject matter speakers are brought in to run sessions

The Facilitator provides monthly 1-2-1 coaching & mentoring sessions for each Member of the Group

Full Day

Peer Groups

Facilitated Sessions

Tailored to needs

Support Network



Video clips

Case Studies



- targeted at Attendees of sessions

The Leadership Lounge is an on-line portal that provides the user with a range of learning materials. It is designed for self-learning, as a place where a leader can go and read or listen or watch.


Your Trusted Advisor can help you source a range of professional services, whether it is Speakers, Educators, Coaches, Facilitators or other professional people you may need in your business. Some Members have asked for help planning conferences or learning events, and in some cases we have helped develop training videos or assisted with communicating messages across the organisation.



Sourcing Speakers

Event Planning

Training Videos

ex2 Academy is part of the Excellence Squared Group of Companies. Some of these companies provide compatible services that may be of interest to our Members. We can offer Members preferential rates if any of these services are required.


Assessment Services
A professional and innovative assessment centre providing assessments for a range of international Standards.

ex2 Optimum
Working with organisations providing specialist services to meet their needs. As well as Business Advisory Services, we also offer Accredited Training and Sector Specific Training

Online software helping to create the workplace of the future. Ensuring organisations make the best use of the talent they have.

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