ex2 Academy Update 1

ex2 Academy Update Session



Much has changed in 2020 and we at ex2 Academy have endeavoured to keep pace with that change.  We have been hard at work creating a learning environment designed for these times. To give you a sense of what we have been up to: 

Virtual Learning Series 
Not webinars….live events in an online format. 

Executive Briefing Series 
Sessions designed to create conversation for Senior Leaders on issues of concern and importance. 

The Leadership Lounge 
An on-line resource that is designed for self-learning, and a place where a leader can go and read, listen, or watch.

Leader Lead Learning 
A resource that enables the manager to have a meaningful discussions with their team, and agree an output.

Learning & Development SPRINT 
A facilitated process designed to build an outcomes-based strategy for Learning and Development in less than two days…..and more to come.

Are you keeping up with the opportunities that 2020 is giving you?


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